​​​​​The Right Yacht


The Purchase Process:

Legal Guidance:

Ongoing ownership:

Our job:

  • You need to be clear about 'the mission'  of your yacht.
    • Local Cruising
    • Global Crusing
    • Luxury vs Expedition
  • ​Budget
    • ​Purchase Price
    • Real cost to own
    • Realistic charter expectations
    • Exit strategy/Capital Recovery

  • ​​The "Listing Broker" (on Yachtworld) represents the interests of the Seller. 
  • As a Buyer, you will need a trustworthy independent broker that represents your interests exclusively (and aggressively).

  • Narrow your search and only inspect appropriate vessels.
  • Strategic bidding
  • Thorough, Independent Survey
    • Make sure that you completely understand the often complex technical issues that every yacht (new or old) possesses.
  • Demand that all defects are rectified or price-adjusted.
  • A mega-yacht purchase requires the counsel of a specialized and experienced admiralty attorney.
  • Ownership, registration, flag-states, class societies all require expert advice.

  • Crew selection, vessel management, insurance and operation planning are all critical aspects.

  • Determine real value based upon pedigree and  vessel history, prior to going into a survey.
  • Research vessel and its ownership history.
  • Implement a strategic bidding/negotiation process.
  • Hands-on involvement with survey and sea-trial.
    • Address all issues fully.
  • Assure that you get value for your investment and derive pleasure from yacht ownership.

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